Project Number:00047701
Project Title:Conservation of Wetlands Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region
Budget and Source of Funds:Full project: USD 6,488,000 (Global Environment Facility), USD 9.4 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
Starting Date and Duration:January 2006 - December 2012
Project Site:Astrakhan, Volgograd Regions, Republic of Kalmykia
Executing Agency:Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
Project Document:download

00047701 - Conservation of Wetlands Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region

The project development objective is to ensure protection of the globally significant wetland biodiversity of the Volga Delta through an integrated conservation and sustainable-use approach. The protected areas of the Lower Volga require a thorough reorganization and strenghening programme based upon the new realities of the day (including the sea level rise of the Caspian Sea) and the latest thinking in integrated conservation and management approaches.

Expected Outcome:
1) Legislative and political basis improved
2) Capacity enhanced of the local government and non-governmental agencies active in the fields of biodiversity conservation and wetland management
3) Improved protected areas system
4) Demonstration projects for the community participatory and integrated management of key wetlands and their biodiversity resources in the Lower Volga implemented
5) Water quality monitoring programmes to reduce industrial pollution developed

Interim results:

Project Implementation Report (PIR) 2007 Project Implementation Report (PIR) 2008 Project Implementation Report (PIR) 2009 Project Implementation Report (PIR) 2010
Mid-Term Evaluation Report

Additional information:

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Project news:

19-20.10. 2011 The work of the V All-Russia research and practice conference “Actual issues of theory and practice of biological education” supported by the UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga region”was held in Volgograd .

11-16.10. 2011  The International Conference “Cranes of Paleartctic: biology, protection, management (in the memory of academician P.Pallas) summarizing the results of the Year of Crane in the Volgograd oblast.

01.08. 2011 The VIII meeting of the UNDP/GEF Project Steering Committee took place in Elista.

30.07. 2011 The participants of the UNDP/GEF Project Steering Committee and Project Team visited the RK Nature Park Visit center.

16.06.2011. International research and practice conference “Investigation and preservation of natural landscapes”

26.05.2011. Within the frames of the UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity of the Lower Volga” with financial support of OOO “LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft” popular science edition “The birds of the Lower Volga” was published. The author of the book is German Rousanov, the leading research worker of the Astrakhan biosphere reserve, candidate for biological science, RF honored ecologist.

20-24.05. 2011  The Volga River Day festive events were heldin the hero-city of Volgograd.

23.05.2011. On May, 20, 2011 within the frames of the Volga Day the work of the round-table talk “Development perspectives of ecological tourism in the Astrakhan oblast” took place organized by the UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga region supporter by the UNESCO Bureau in Moscow and Coca-Cola HBS Eurasia.

21.05. 2011 The Volga River Day celebration took place on the Central Embankment of Astrakhan .

20.05.2011. The results of regional nature-protection “Clean banks” were summed up. The event was organized within the frames of the Volga Day 2011.

20-21.04.2011. Astrakhan State Reserve with support of the UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga region” will organize another campaign of waste paper collection “Save a tree”.

18.04.2011. UNDP/GEF Project announces the results of the 4th grant contest.

04.04.2011.The issues of conservation of the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain and the Volga delta were discussed at the fifth session of the Lower Volga basin Council .

01.04. 2011 Second firefighting expedition of Greenpeace Russia started. In the Astrakhan Reserve a round-table talk was organized devoted to the problems of fires that take place every year.

24-29.03. 2011.The International Conference “Anseriformes of the Northern Europe: geography, dynamics and population management” in Elista .

22.03.2011. First (regional) stage of Interregional children’s ecological contest “We are form the Volga region” launches. The contest is devoted to the celebration of the Volga Day – 2011.

22.03.2011. The World Water Day.

17.03. 2011. UNDP/GEF project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region within the framework of the International Conference on the Waterfowl of Northern Eurasia ” will convene a round table event on the theme “Wetlands of the Lower Volga Region – their importance to conserve Anseriformes”on the 26th of March.

11.03. 2011. The results of “Save the tree!” event were summarized

02.02.2011. The World’s Wetlands Day.

30.09. 2010,Elista. Interregional meeting was held on the issues of improving legislative base and regulatory system in the sphere of wetland biodiversity conservation in the Lower Volga.

24.09. 2010. À mass clean-up action on the Akhtuba river banks took place in the Volgograd oblast in the Nature Park “Volga-Akhtuba floodplain” .

27.09.2010 On September, 30 in Elista the UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga region” arranges the work meeting on improving legislation in the sphere of biodiversity conservation on the Lower Volga wetlands.

27.08.2010. The Red Data Book of the Volgograd oblast will include 4 more endangered species of rare plants and fungi.

24.09.2010. In the Volgograd oblast in the Nature Park “Volga-Akhtuba floodplain” a mass clean-up action on the Akhtuba river banks took place.

25.06.2010. In Volgograd Oblast the 9th interregional ecological expedition of Russian schoolchildren devoted to the movement “Teacher of the year” was opened.

4-6.06.2010. In Volgograd oblast the interregional research and practice conference coincided with the 10-th anniversary of the Nature park “Volga-Akhtuba Floodplain” was held with support of the UNDP/GEF Project. The theme of the conference is “The Lower Volga PAs as an important mechanism of biodiversity conservation: results, problems and perspectives”.

20.05.2010. In the Volgograd Oblast the UNPD/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga region” held the VI meeting of the Steering Committee.

20-21.05.2010. In Astrakhan and Volgograd activities devoted to International Volga Day will be held with the support of the UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga river”. The celebration is annually arranged by the initiative of Coca-Cola HBC – Eurasia and UNESCO Bureau in Moscow within the frames of their joint programme “Living Volga”.

02.04.2010. In Caspian Press-center (Astrakhan) a press-conference with representatives of Greenpeace fire-fighting expedition took place.

26.03.2010. In Astrakhan a city contest of ecological projects “World around us” was held among primary schoolchildren of comprehensive schools and pupils of pre-school educational institutions.

16.03.2010. Interregional working meeting “Rare species of the Lower Volga wetlands” was organized by the UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity of the Lower Volga region”.

03.03.2010. Seminar on protected areas of Astrakhan Oblast took place in Astrakhan State Technical University.

12.02.2010. The round-table “Breeding ecological culture of a personality” was held on February, 11, 2010 in Astrakhan research library after N.Krupskaya.

05.02.2010. In the Center for economic development support seminar-meeting “Development of ecological tourism in Ikryaninskiy District” within the frames of the grant was held in Astrakhan Oblast.

02.02.2010. Children's Intellectual marathon “Be aware of and love your homeland nature” was held in Astrakhan.

16.12.2009. Russian experts studied Australia’s experience in wetland conservation 21.06.2009. UNDP/GEF project on biodiversity conservation in the Lower Volga reports on its results 20.05.2009. Annual Volga Day celebrated in Volgograd and Astrakhan 29.03.2009. Presentation of Strategy and Action Plan on raising awareness of the Lower Volga wetland biodiversity among stakeholders 19.01.2009. UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of Wetland Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region” and the ecological center “Zapovedniki” in the Astrakhan oblast organized a workshop on fundraising in December 2008 12.11.2007. UNDP organises a tour for Russian experts to study European experience in protected areas development

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