Project Number:00073879
Project Title:Development of public-private partnership in Russia
Budget and Source of Funds:USD 17,100,000 (co-financing: UNDP, interested companies and institutions)
Starting Date and Duration:01 January 2010
Project Site:Regions of the Russian Federation
Executing Agency:State Corporation “Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)”
Project Document:download

00073879 - Development of public-private partnership in Russia

Project Description:
The key objective of the project is the development of the private-public partnerships (PPPs) in Russia by means of (1) preparation of PPP pilot projects in selected regions for their further financing by Vnesheconombank; (2) facilitation for development of a network of regional PPP centres and strengthening the capacity of regional and municipal authorities in joint elaboration of economically feasible PPP projects; (3) exchange of advanced experience in PPP projects implementation and engagement international experts for preparation and implementation of such projects; (4) drawing up recommendations for elaboration of national policies in PPP area and, if necessary, working out proposals to improve federal and regional legislation to this extent; (5) personnel training and development of skills upgrading programs for the staff and senior officials from government and private sectors, and PPP market participants.
Expected results:
 long-term target sectoral development programs based on the best world practices in management and technologies elaborated and adopted;
 regional legislation developed and adopted to allow for the use of PPP instruments in the implementation of long-term sectoral target programs;
 sufficient knowledge and skills for PPP projects preparation acquired by the representatives of authorities, utilities enterprises and private sector involved in projects’ implementation have acquired;
 procedures and documentation developed for attracting operators (investors) for the implementation of PPP projects are in place;
 investment tenders conducted; investment contracts concluded with the investors (operators) who represent successful bidders;
 access to Vnesheconombank’s credit resources gained for operators of PPP project have gained;
 best practices related to PPP-centers across the world with the emphasis on the experience of PPP-centers creation in OECD countries analyzed;
 assistance for analytical potential development of the regional PPP-centers in Russia provided;
 public awareness and understanding of PPP principles in Russia, particularly by the potential clients and partners (for example, regional authorities, municipalities, private companies), as well as mass media raised;
 assistance provided to ensure the development of the ‘Regional PPP-center for CIS countries’, systematization and dissemination of the PPP experience in Russia to CIS countries in accordance with Russia’s growing role as an international donor;
 experience in various countries in the areas of personnel training and PPP potential development collected and integrated;
 knowledge on PPP in Russia and CIS countries dessiminated;
 exchange of experience between PPP specialists in Russia and abroad organized;
 international experts into the preparation and implementation of PPP projects in Russia involved.

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