United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation


9.08.2007. The first ecological festival tooks place in Kamchatka with UNDP support

UNDP/GEF project "Demonstrating sustainable conservation of biological diversity in four protected areas of Kamchatka" supported the first ecological festival "Birds of Kamchatka", which took place on 9 August in the Bystrinsky district of the Kamchatka Kray at the even settlement "Menedek". Guests and participants of the festival visited indigenous crafts fair and childrens arts exhibits "Birds of Kamchatka", watched indigenous dancing performances and took part in the costume competition. In the course of the festival, a concert was organized to mark International Day of Aboriginal Peoples of the World and joining of the Koryak Aotinomous Okrug with the Kamchatka Oblast.

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