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MDGs News 2011

12.12.2011 On International Anti-corruption Day, the UN House hosted the international conference in Moscow

09.12.2011 Message on International Anti-corruption day by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

02.12.2011 December 9, 2011: International Anti-Corruption Day Conference

25.01.2011.Letter of condolences from UNDP Administrator to the President of the Russian Federation in relation to the terrorist attack in Domodedovo

1.01.2011. On the new format of cooperation between UNDP and Government of RF (Note Verbale, address to RF Foreign Ministry)


16.12.2011 Annual Meeting of the UN Global Compact Network Russia took place in Moscow

16.12.2011 UN International Year of Cooperatives

22.11.2011 UN Global Compact Network Russia was promoted at the Global CSR Conference in Seoul, Republic of Korea

16.11.2011. Census of Sociable lapwing was conducted at migratory sites on Manych valley

09.11.2011 ‘Sustainability and equity’ key global challenges for the 21st century, according to Moscow roundtable

08.11.2011 Transition economies already face climate variability and must enhance their adaptive capacity, roundtable finds

19.10.2011. Conference on the project "Sustainable Integration and Recovery in North Ossetia - Alania"

21-23.09.2011 Human Development Community of Practice Meeting

15.08.2011. Results of the open contest of small grants allocation in the framework of the ICRIN project are announced

22.07.2011. Summer linguistic camp for students from North Ossetia - Alania

18.07.2011. The Public Hearings on the draft of the 2011 National Human Development Report ‘Modernization and Human Development’

16.07.2011. Summer School ‘Human development: economic and philosophical aspects’

05.07.2011. Training “Healthy lifestyle in the regions affected by the effects of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant” in the framework of the ICRIN project was conducted in Moscow region

02.07.2011. Seminars-workshops on sustainable development of rural areas in Tverskaya oblast

01.07.2011. New edition of the news bulletin of the Global Compact Network Russia

29.06.2011. Small grants open contest in the framework of the ICRIN project

21.06.2011. General meeting of the Global Compact Network Russia

06–10.06.2011 Introduction to sustainable development of rural territories. Study tour to Molopolskoe Voevodstvo, Republic of Poland.

31.05-03.06.2011 Microfinance training seminar “Improvement of management system in credit cooperatives”

19.05.2011 Round table “planning of sustainable development of rural areas: federal support and stimulation of self-development”

25.04.2011 Statement of UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Maria Sharapova on the occasion of 25th commemoration day of Chernobyl catastrophe

30-31.03.2011. Round Table on the development of innovative activities and support to small plots stake holders

18.03.2011. Steering Committee meeting for the Project ‘Mainstreaming Human Development in Russia’

24.01.2011. United Nations Appoints Footballer Iker Casillas as Goodwill Ambassador


20.10.2011. Conference “Participation of the State, Public and Faith-Based Organizations in Prevention of AIDS and Drug Addiction”


10.12.2011.The work on creation of new steppe nature monuments starts in Kursk Region

09.12.2011. Census of saiga was conducted in Kalmykia

02.12.2011. UNDP/GEF Komi Republic project received a delegation of Turkey

25.11.2011. Federal steppe wildlife refuge “Dzerens’ valley” was created in Russian Dauria

07.11.2011. Two guidebooks advancing climate–friendly development published in Russian

07.11.2011, Moscow. International Scientific Conference 'Problems of Adaptation to Climate Change'

21.10.2011. Two new steppe wildlife refuges have been reated in Zabaikalsky Province, Russia

21.10.2011. The season of international expeditions of Daursky reserve is over

21.10.2011. Final training “Healthy lifestyle in the regions affected by the effects of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant” in the framework of the ICRIN project17.12.2011. Investigation on power lines danger for birds in Orenburg province was done by UNDP/GEF project team

19.10. 2011 The V All-Russia research and practice conference “Actual issues of theory and practice of biological education” supported by the UNDP/GEF Project “Conservation of wetland biodiversity in the Lower Volga region”.

11-16, 10.2011.The International Conference “Cranes of Paleartctic: biology, protection, management summarizing the results of the Year of Crane in the Volgograd oblast.

28.09.2011. Countings of Mongolian gazelle are carried out in Daursky zapovednik

15.09.2011. H2O: Baikal Film Festival screened environmental movies in Ulan-Ude

30, 07.2011 Participants of the UNDP/GEF Project Steering Committee and Project Team visited the RK Nature Park Visit center in Volga Region

13.07.2011. Volga-Akhtubinskaya floodplain is included to the UNESCO world biosphere reserve net

17.06.2011. The VIP-poachers’ ways to be blocked in Komi Republic

16.06.2011. Children’s eyesight and achievements depend directly on lighting in school buildings.

08.06.2011 UNDP opens Marine Wildlife Photo Exhibition on the World Oceans Day in St. Petersburg

07.06.2011. ‘Yes’ to Nature Reserves in Taimyr

04.06.2011 International Conference “Development of ecotourism for local communities’ adaptation to climate change” takes place in Altai Republic

02.06.2011. The result of the small grants competition for the project “Every drop matters – Lake Baikal” are resumed. The new one is announced.

23.05.2011 International Film Festival H2O in Moscow Saves Trees

20-24.05.2011. The Volga’s Day has been held in Astrakhan and Volgograd

21,05.2011 The Volga Day celebration on the Central Embankment of Astrakhan took place.

04.05.2011. The system of hydrological monitoring is developed in the framework of climate change program in Katunskiy nature reserve.

03.05.2011 Tuva will use the experience in the organization of rural tourism with support of the UNDP project.

21.04.2011 International conference 'Market mechanisms of climate policy' in Moscow

13.04.2011 'Every Drop Matters' Initiative announces a Grant programme to provide support to local initiatives in the Baikal region

06.04.2011 The UNDP/GEF Project to eliminate barriers to coal mine methane (CMM) development in Russia: summary of results

16.03.2011 UNDP organizes press-lunch on problems of Baltic Sea on board of icebreaker 'Krasin' in St. Petersburg


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