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Russian Federation

UNDP Programme Priorities in Russia

In the new partnership context, the UNDP in Russia focuses its activities on several closely inter-related issues as agreed with the Government. They include energy efficiency and low carbon development, climate change mitigation and resilience, biodiversity conservation, land degradation and international waters, and supporting Russias role as a donor and provider of international development assistance.Several long term initiatives in the area of mainstreaming human development and support to private sector engagement were completed in 2012-2013.

The following projects have been implemented by the Project Support Office:

Energy Efficiency and Environment

00070781 - Standards and Labels for Promoting Energy Efficiency in Russia
ongoing, Full-sized project: USD 7,810,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 56 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00072576 - Transforming the Market for Efficient Lighting
ongoing, Full-sized project: USD 7,020,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 65.7 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00074315 - Building energy efficiency in the North West of Russia
ongoing, Full-sized project: USD 5,840,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 27 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00074313 - Greening 2014 Sochi Olympics: A Strategy and Action Plan for the Greening Legacy
ongoing, Medium-sized project: USD 900,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 13 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00075279 - Reducing GHG emissions from road transport in Russia's medium-sized cities, PPG
ongoing, PPG: USD 150,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 250,000 (Russian government in-kind co-financing)
00077026 - Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russias energy sector policies and operations
ongoing, Full-sied project: USD 7,200,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 32 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00059042 - Strengthening Protected Area System of the Komi Republic to Conserve Virgin Forest Biodiversity in the Pechora River Headwaters Region
ongoing, Full project: USD 4,500,000 Global Environment Facility; USD 4,428,500 (Government of Germany) USD12,580,000 (parallel and in kind co-financing)
00069210 - Strengthening the Marine and Coastal Protected Areas of Russia
ongoing, Full-sized project: USD 4,000,000 Global Environment Facility, parallel and in-kind co-financing.
00072294 - Improving the coverage and management efficiency of protected areas in the steppe biome of Russia
ongoing, Full-size project: USD 5,304,545 Global Environment Facility, parallel and in-kind co-financing
00076781 - Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Baikal Basin Transboundary Ecosystem (Russia, Mongolia),
ongoing, Full project: USD 3,898,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 49 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)

00047769, 00014615, 00014617 - Demonstrating Sustainable Conservation of Biological Diversity in Four Protected Areas in Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, I and II phase
completed, Full-sized project: USD 7,600,000 Global Environment Facility, CAD 4,975,000 (Canadian International Development Agency), USD 9 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)

00047701 - Conservation of Wetlands Biodiversity in the Lower Volga Region
completed, Full-sised project: USD 6,488,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 9.4 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)
00045973 - Biodiversity Conservation in the Russian Portion of the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion
completed, Full project: USD 3,515,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 4,436,730 (Government of Germany), USD 12 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)

00048248 - Conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in Russias Taymir Peninsula: Maintaining connectivity across the landscape
completed, Medium-sized project: USD 970,000 Global Environment Facility, USD 2.1 million (parallel and in-kind co-financing)

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