United Nations Development Programme

Russian Federation

Human Resources

Recruitment Objectives and Principles

Recruitment and selection processes are guided by the below five principles to result in the right person getting the right job at the right time:

Competition: a visible competitive process to attract high quality candidates for all vacancies;

Fairness: all candidates, irrespective of gender, race and background, should be assessed in the same manner;

Objectivity: all recruitments and selections should be conducted with professional rigor, with candidates measured against clearly articulated criteria and job competencies;

Transparency: the selection criteria and process should be transparent to all applicants;

Accountability: hiring managers and hiring bureaus have greater direct input into recruitment and selection decisions, matched by greater accountability for those decisions and the processes leading up to them.


As of January 2014 the total number of staff working for the UNDP Project Support Office in the Russian Federation is 37:

Staff (Fixed Term Appointment) – 5 local staff members;

Project Personnel (Service Contract) - 32 local project team members

In 2013 no Consultancy Contract exceeded the amount of USD 30,000.

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