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UNDP Country Programme for the Russian Federation (2008-2010)

The country programme (2008-2010) is based on extensive consultations with the Government, United Nations organizations, civil society groups and other partners. It builds on experiences gained from the implementation of the previous country programme (2004-2007), as well as earlier country cooperation frameworks (1998-2000 and 2001-2003).

In 2004-2007 UNDP assistance grew and assumed greater policy relevance. Government cost-sharing accounted for 70% of total expenditures. External evaluations in 2005 to 2006 confirmed the high impact of UNDP assistance. Following a comprehensive management review and a Board of Auditors external audit, UNDP took steps to streamline management practices and introduce a more balanced approach that links economic development, governance, environment, and recovery, and relies more heavily on monitoring and evaluation.

The fact that rising per capita income will make Russia ineligible for UNDP regular funds beyond 2010 defines the nature of the new country programme. New directions include: (a) supporting the emerging role of donor and technical assistance provider; (b) increasing focus on subnational initiatives; (c) building partnerships to fight HIV/AIDS; (d) supporting sustainable use of energy and natural resources in the spirit of the Kyoto Protocol; and (e) expanding recovery work in the post-conflict setting of the North Caucasus.

As some bilateral donors reduce assistance, funding will increasingly rely on national resources. Engaging responsible private sector actors will be a key challenge, as national and regional development banks grow and Russia adopts new legislation on philanthropy.

The country programme for 2008-2010 centers on the five UNDP practice areas and cross-cutting themes supporting government efforts to pursue a rights-based approach, involve civil society in policy and emphasize gender equality.

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