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TitleGrant programme to provide support to local initiatives in the Baikal region aimed at the improvement of water resources and waste management and the development of sustainable tourism, 2 round
ProjectProject 00074656 Every Drop Matters - Baikal Lake
LocationPriority is given to projects which are expected for implementation in Kabansk and Baikal regions of the Republic of Buryatia.
Duration16 May 2011 17 October 2011
Date of Expire2011-06-15
DescriptionProject description:
This project aims at reducing water contamination from municipal waste and growing tourism operations in the Baikal region. The project supports local initiatives for cleaning Baikal lake, initiatives for eco-tourism development, as well as awareness and educational work with local communities and wider audience, including tourists, mass media, businesses etc. The project objectives will be reached through support to local initiatives related to sustainable tourism and pilot projects aimed to improve water quality in selected communities.

The grants competition is supported by the Regional Partnership Initiative on Water Issues
UNDP RBEC & Coca-Cola EMED Every Drop Matters

Lake Baikal is one of the worlds largest freshwater lakes (3.1 million ha of water surface), which contains 20 percent of the Earths fresh surface water. The Baikal basin ecosystem remains under threat from increased levels of pollution. Water quality impairment from land-based activities, including point and nonpoint sources of pollution as well as wild tourism and development of tourist facilities and summer home developments around Baikal pose an increasing threat to the Baikal aquatic ecosystem. Lack of awareness among local population and tourists results an additional pressure on the environment. All these factors lead to the water quality deterioration.
Terms of ReferenceThe grant program aims at supporting local initiatives in the implementation of pilot projects in the Republic of Buryatia as per the following areas:
1. carrying out activities aimed at increasing environmental responsibility of tourists vacationing on the coast of Lake Baikal, and reduce amount of waste there;
2. carrying out activities for the organization of separate collection of waste and its subsequent export from the coast of Lake Baikal in the high tourist season;
3. create a sustainable system for collecting and recycling of plastic waste (PET), collected on the shores of Lake Baikal and the coastal settlements;
4. water conservation and providing community access to safe drinking water;
5. development of ecotourism in villages on the shores of Lake Baikal, construction of green trail on the coast of Lake Baikal to protect the coastal zone;
6. construction of environmental sites for sale to local people (wild plants, fish, fruits, vegetables, etc.).
Priority is given to projects which are expected for implementation in Kabansk and Baikal regions of the Republic of Buryatia.
BackgroundQualifying applicants:
- NGOs with no debt and state non-budget foundations operating in the Republic of Buryatia and Irkutsk oblast;
- local initiatives and public environmental associations (subject to submission of letter of support from an organization, guaranteeing partnership and use of legal address and bank account);
- partnerships between public organizations, private firms and educational and scientific institutes

Grant amount:
Maximum grant amount US$ 8,000

Expenses qualifying to be covered by grant:
Expenses for procurement of equipment and material necessary for implementation of project activities;
Costs of services of other organizations;
Salaries for staff and consultants involved in project (not more than 30% of the total grant amount);
Printing costs;
Publication of information in media;
Other relevant expenses.

Expenses not qualifying for grant:
Organization and implementation of scientific and research work;
Publication of scholarly texts and reports;
Current administrative expenses, rent, housing and utility services;
Inter-city and international transport costs for participation in seminars and conferences;
Previously planned activities within the framework of federal or municipal target programmes.

Submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Selection Committee on competitive basis. The selection criteria are as follows:

1. Criteria for proposal:
- Innovation and initiative;
- Positive effect on local community;
- Public awareness raising components;
- Sustainability;
- Own or partners investment into the project no less than 20% of total project cost (cash or in-kind contribution);
- Project replication capacity;
- Involvement of volunteers;
- Project results must be concrete to allow objective assessment.

2. Criteria for applicant:
- Proven record of the organizations experience of work in the sphere of environment, waste management, ecotourism;
- Proven record of the organizations experience in implementation of projects, financed by international organizations;
- Involved staff and consultants qualification.

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All questions on the grant programme should be forwarded to Larissa Zelenina, Programme Associate, Energy and Environment Unit, at larissa.zelenina@undp.org through 10 June 2011.
The list of awards will be published at the UNDP/Russia web-site in June 2011.

ContactsThe original proposal should be submitted in sealed envelope not later than 17:00, 15 June 2011 at the following address: Regional Public Organization Baikal Information Centre GRAN, Russia, 670000, Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Borsoeva street, 9-1, tel./fax: + 7 (3012) 21-70-73

with an electronic copy in .pdf format at the e-mail address larissa.zelenina@undp.org. Please kindly submit your proposals with the code Grant Programme Every Drop Matters-2011, 2 stage.

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