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12.12.2011 On International Anti-corruption Day, the UN House hosted the international conference in Moscow

On December 9, 2011 the UN Global Compact Network Russia with support of UNDP Russia hosted the International Conference Methods to counter corruption for civil society and private sector.  More than 30 representatives of business community, public and academic institutions as well as government authorities participated in the conference.

As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon mentioned in his message on International Anti-corruption Day*, Corruption afflicts all countries, undermining social progress and breeding inequality and injustice. Although the poor may be marginalized by corruption, they will not be silenced. In events across the Arab world and beyond this year, ordinary people have joined their voices in denouncing corruption and demanding that governments combat this crime against democracy. Their protests have triggered changes on the international scene that could barely have been imagined just months previously.

The Program to Promote Participation in Advancing the UN Convention against Corruption in 2011-2020 World without Corruption (for civil society and private sector) was presented at the conference. The message delivered by the humanitarian leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar emphasising the importance of such programs as World without corruption for propaganda of anti-corrupted actions was read out. Different ways to avoid induced involvement in corruption schemes, procedural, institutional and economic methods of fighting corruption, new mechanisms of anti-corruption used by business entities and NGOs in Russia as well as new developments in this area related to accounting and management reporting were introduced to the participants.

In the resolution, approved by the participants, the meeting addressed Russian government authorities, business community and civil society with the following recommendations:

-       to aim at uniting forward-looking forces of Russia business sector and institutions of civil society in order to reach effectiveness and efficiency in fighting against corruption;

-       to pay more attention to rule of law as a key problem in anti-corruption efforts in Russia;

-       to strengthen public awareness about intolerance towards corruption at all strata of the society. 

    *On 31 October 2003, the General Assembly adopted the United Nations Convention against Corruption (resolution 58/4) and also designated 9 December as International Anti-Corruption Day, to raise awareness of corruption and of the role of the Convention in combating and preventing it. UNCAC went into force in December 2005.

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