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15.09.2011. H2O: Baikal Film Festival screened environmental movies in Ulan-Ude

In frames of Every Drop Matters Lake Baikal  Project Environmental Film Festival H2O: Baikal took place in the capital of Buryat Republic during September 12-14, 2011. It was organized by UNDP, Coca-Cola System in Russia and Baikal Informational Centre Gran.

Festivals Programme included a number of the most impressive documentaries on man and environment interaction: from the call to safe global forests to the story of ordinary new-yorker who  tried to live a year while making no net environmental impact (No Impact Man). Film festival marked the most important environmental problems such as is waste contamination (Waste Land), oil drilling consequences (Crude), overfishing (The End of the Line) etc. Filmed by leading film makers the most of movies have been awarded by well known international film festivals like Sundance, SXSW, IDFA, Sheffield Docfest, CPH:DOX.


The Shorts Programme was presented by International Forest Film Festival (IFFF), organized by the United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat (UNFFS) and the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival within the frames of The International Year of Forests.  Most of the shorts were screened for the first time at UN Head Quarters  in February 2011.

It is no coincidence that H2O: Baikal Film Festival run in Lake Baikal region, said Elena Armand, the Head of UNDP Russia Office. The one-fifth of  the planet fresh water is not only a gift for our country, its also  huge responsibility to all humankind. To save this one of the  Earths biodiversity center is our common task.


Coca-Cola Company for many years all over the world pays particular attention to environmental issues, including water stewardship, sustainable packaging and energy saving, said Anna Kozlovskaya, Coca-Cola Public relations director in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Its a big honour for us to participate in program to protect the biggest fresh water lake in the word Lake Baikal.

There event was free tickets were distributed for free at cash desks of Progress and Erdem  - local cinema halls. Anyway film shows were overcrowd and some people were even standing while watching the movie.

The audience was really impressed, - reported Gran members, -  especially after Waste Land movie some were burst into tears, one woman said  this film should be screened for everyone who live on the shore of Lake Baikal. Schoolchildren sitting nearby couldnt believed that it was a real story.


After film show people were asked to leave their comments and organizers received a number of positive responds and gratitude. Lot of spectators proposed to show more such kind of  movies instead of action films full of crime and violence. One small girl after The End of the Line left a picture of fish as her respond. One man the day after he saw No Impact Man came to see next movie and declared that he gave up paper use and refused even to take festival  booklet).


Film Festival got big success and lot of people were regret that movies could be screened only once.

Younsters were the most audince of the Film Festival

Welcoming speech from Nina Dagbayeva, Director of Baikal Informational Center 'Gran' and with cinema hall 'Progress' director Damba Tsybikzhapov

Spectators leave their responses after film show

Someone was burst into tears being impressed by the Waste Land movie

Photo by Sayana Ayusheva

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