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21.06.2011. General meeting of the Global Compact Network Russia

General meeting of the Global Compact Network Russia was held at the UN House on June 20, 2011. The meeting was attended by 28 representatives of Global Compact Network Russia member-organizations. This meeting was the first to be chaired this year by the recently elected to the role of the Steering Committee Chairman, Mr. Andrei Galaev, CEO of Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.

The following topics were discussed:
  1. Presentation of the Work Plan of the GC Network Russia for 2011-2012 (Mr. Galaev, Chairman of the Steering Committee);
  2. On the results of the Global Compact Week in Copenhagen (Ms. Ee, Head of Social Assessment Group, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.);
  3. On the programme World without corruption, Mr. Chernyak, Board member, Committee for fighting corruption);
  4. Regional development of the GC Network (Mr. Levkin, UNDP).
The following decisions and recommendations were adopted at the meeting:
  1. GC Members should boost their activities to ensure the Work Plan is fulfilled. This should be done by utilizing the international experience of the other local GC Networks;
  2. Steering committee should continue the activities on mobilizing financial resources to support the Work Plan and Secretariat;
  3. GC Members should actively attract new members to the initiative;
  4. Steering committee should develop the description of advantages, which are offered by participation in Global Compact in general and GC Network Russia in particular;
  5. Steering committee should consider the organization of thematic regional events and discuss the possibility of organization of events on Global Compact with the APEC 2012 coordinators.
After the general meeting of the Global Compact members the informational session Business and human rights: new UN standard was held. This session was organized in the framework of the Work plan and was open for all interested companies and organizations.

Agenda of the General meeting of the GC Network Russia (in Russian)

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