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16.06.2011. Childrens eyesight and achievements depend directly on lighting in school buildings.

On 16th of June, 2011 UN Development program (UNDP) held a press meeting on the topic Schools on their way to intellectual lighting, or how space technologies affect child health and school achievements. The project team and invited experts reported about the results of research conducted in Moscow schools within UNDP/GEF pilot project.

In Russia, the state of childrens and young peoples eyesight is lame. 22-25% of students graduates from school with visual deficiencies. Throughout years of education visual pathologies increase 2.4-2.5-fold. One of the main reasons for this negative and dangerous process is poor state of lighting in schools.

In classrooms of 10 examined schools high irregularity of horizontal lighting was detected. Lighting regularity rate is the ratio of maximum to minimum illumination. It must not exceed 1.3, while in the examined school buildings it was 1.1-4. That can be explained by wrong choice of lighting appliances and their irrational placement. Such irregularity brings down the quality and comfort of photic environment in classrooms and leads to increased fatigability and nervous over-excitation of students.

Improvement of lighting regularity will help students to better adapt to photic and chromatic environments and will increase the contrast sensitivity of their eyes; while these will improve child health and will reduce the probability of nervous over-excitation.

Research results show that 80-90% of classrooms does not comply with current workplace lighting standards and 100% does not comply with writing-board lighting norms. According to the sanitary norms in force, lighting in school buildings can be considered dangerous, harmful to health, and contributing to the development of diseases.

The situation is particularly unacceptable in terms of significantly increased academic load on sctudents and widespread computerization that require high quality of lighting.

For more information contact Anatoly Shevchenko, Project Manager,

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