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02.06.2011. The result of the small grants competition for the project Every drop matters Lake Baikal are resumed. The new one is announced.

The results of competition which was proposed in the framework of joint project with Coca-Cola company Every drop matters were announced.

Among 14 received applications the following were approved:

1.    The Baikal ecological wave The hospitable Baikalsk

2.    Barguzinskiy reserve and 109 Meridian Clear Baikalsk as heritage

3.    BRO Baikalsk Path to Prorva

4.    BRO Baikalsk and BaikalskTopas Modern Modern wastewater treatment plants

5.    Youth tourists Ecoclub of Kijinskaya station Together

6.    Youth  Art Theatre Baikalsky shield

7.    Turka The clean coast to Baikal

Due to the lack of qualitative applications we announced the second round of the small grants competition.

The announcement of the second round can be found at the following sites:

In Russian : http://www.undp.ru/index.php?iso=RU&lid=2&cmd=tenders&id=417

In English:  http://www.undp.ru/index.php?iso=RU&lid=1&cmd=tenders&id=416

At the Project's web site: http://www.everydropmatters.ru/index.php?mod=news&act=show&id=25

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