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07.06.2011. Yes to Nature Reserves in Taimyr

June 7, 2011, Dudinka, Taimyr peninsula, Krasnoyarskiy krai. The establishment of two new regional protected areas in Taimyr and Dolgano-Nenetskiy municipal region was adopted unanimously during the public hearings in central towns library. At present the question of giving the regional protected status of to the reserves Agapa and Gorbita with unique, globally valuable wetlands, is the object of Krais administration.

The scientist who explored the Taimyr for many years, reported on the necessity of reserves establishment. The actuality of protected areas establishing is approved by the mining, developing in the large scale in Krasnoyarskiy krai and Taymyr in particular. The general aim of environmental organization is to save wild animals habitats, areas of wild plants growth as well as to protect unique tundra landscapes.

During the discussion special attention was paid to the interests of indigenous peoples with their rights on land property in planned protected areas.

It is impossible to have discussion on environment in Russian Arctic without taking in account communal tribunal households interests. The key condition for establishment of protected areas is the altitude of local people and especially indigenous people whose lives are directly dependent on natural resources and their development, - says Natalya Olofinskaya, the head of UNDP Energy and Environment Unit.

The UNDP/GEF Project Conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in Russias Taimyr Peninsula: Maintaining connectivity across the landscape have been realizing during last 6 years. Among its objectives is the assessment of populations of mass and rare species of tundra landscapes. Basing on collected materials the Project proposed the preposition to establish two new reserves in basins of Agapa and Gorbita rivers. This preposition was approved by administration of Taimyrskiy and Dolgano-Nenetskiy regions and by Ministry of nature resources and forest complex of Krasnoyarskiy krai.

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