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21.04.2011 International conference 'Market mechanisms of climate policy' in Moscow

International conference 'Market mechanisms of climate policy'  has been orgainsed  by UNDP, the Institute of contemporary development and NCSF with support of the Strategic Program Fund (UK), All-Russian public organization 'Business Russia'  and  EC/TACIS project 'Support for Kyoto Protocol Implementation'   on April 21, 2011 in Moscow.

The main goal of the international conference was discussion on development trends of national and international ETSs, prospects of the development and the coupling of ETSs in CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States) as well as organizational and economic issues of participation of CIS  airlines in ETS.

The main focal points of the conference were:

  • State and prospects of the international cooperation in the climate politics

  • Review of the state and trends of the national and international ETS

  • Content and procedural aspects of the creating of national ETSs in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia

  • Conditions of the harmonization and the coupling of national ETSs. Required measures of the cooperation of countries among themselves and with EU

  • The participation of CIS airlines in EU ETS: procedural and economic issues. Prospects of the implementation of the regional ETS for CIS airlines

  • The suitability of national carbon market infrastructure i.e. for carbon allowances turnover

Alexander Bedritsky ( the Adviser of the President  on Climate), Elena Armand (the Head of the Project Support Office in the Russian Federation), Oleg Shamanov (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation), Yury Fedorov (the National organization of support of projects of absorption of carbon) and other authoritative experts and economists took part in the Conference.

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