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24.06.2010. UNDP in Russian Federation finalized five tenders and selected consulting organizations to prepare Integrated Investment Plans for development of monoindustrial towns

These tenders were organized in the framework of the large-scale activities, which are lead by UNDP and based on:

set of measures, initiated by the top-level authorities and devoted to elimination of dependence of a significant number of the Russian towns on monoindustrial specialization;

action plan, concerted with the Working Group on Modernization of Monoindustrial Towns under the Government Commission for Economic Development and Integration (Working Group) and aimed at the most effective application of UNDPs expert, organizational and financial capacities in the area of monoindustrial towns development;

Agreements on Cooperation signed by UNDP and administrations of the four regions, where the monoindustrial towns selected by the Working Group are located: Belaya Kholunitsa (Kirov region), Segezha (Republic of Karelia), Asha (Chelyabinsk region) and Krasnovishersk (Perm Krai).

Taking into account the necessity to secure preparation of high-quality Integrated Investment Plans (IIPs), UNDP considers it of high importance that regional and municipal administrations are supported by consultants having necessary expertise and resources. Therefore, UNDP has conducted tenders on the basis of the internationally accepted procedures with the aim to select successful consulting organizations, which will prepare IIPs for monoindustrial towns in close cooperation with stakeholders (e.g., state authorities, private sector, civil society groups, etc.).

The tenders generated interest of many leading consulting companies and research organizations. For example, there were applications from 18 organizations for the tender on preparation of IIP for Asha. In total, UNDP has received applications from 25 organizations for the five tenders. This ensured a high level of competition. The following organizations have secured contracts with UNDP:

Preparation of the IIP for the town of Segezha Center for Fiscal Policy;

Preparation of the IIP for the town of Belaya Kholunitsa Center for Strategic Research;

Preparation of the IIP for the town of Krasnovishersk Audit-Consulting Group Business Systems Development;

Preparation of the IIP for the town of Asha WYG International;

Expert support and coordination of preparation of Integrated Investment Plans for development of the monoindustrial towns Federal Center for Project Finance.

The selected organizations will commence the works on preparation of IIPs on July 1, 2010. The results should be presented to the regional authorities for their approval by the end of September, 2010. IIPs shall be formulated based on the best international practices, the guidelines for formulation of IIP for monoindustrial towns as approved by the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, the comments and recommendations of the Working Group compiled after evaluation of IIPs of other monoindustrial towns. It is expected that the implementation of these IIPs will ensure long-term socio-economic sustainability of the monoindustrial towns based on provision of rational employment, economic diversification and elimination of dependence of the towns on monoindustrial specialization.

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