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09.06.2010. UNDP in Russian Federation and Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. signed the Agreement on Cooperation

The Agreement stipulates the main terms, conditions and goals of cooperation between UNDP and Sakhalin Energy for the purpose to ensure UNDPs assistance and expert support of the initiatives of Sakhalin Energy in the area of sustainable development in the region of its operation.

The parties based on the following, while signing the Agreement:

UNDP in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation implements the project Engaging Russian Business in Global Compact Driven Sustainable Development aiming to minimize the consequences of the economic crisis and to promote sustainable economic growth by introducing the best international practices in the area of corporate social responsibility of businesses;

UNDP has significant capabilities in terms of mobilising information on the best international practises on sustainable development, including on regional aspect;

Sakhalin Energy sets out strategic tasks in the area of sustainable development of the company and the region in the framework of the Agreement on the Development of Piltun-Astokhskoye and Lunskoye Oil and Gas Fields on the Basis of Production Sharing signed by and between Sakhalin Energy and the Russian Federation on 22 June 1994(the Sakhalin-2 Project);

Joint efforts by the Parties on developing corporate social responsibility programmes, on utilising the best Russian and international practices, and course for strategic and complex solutions, could provide substantial outcomes for sustainable development of Sakhalin Oblast and local communities.

In the framework of this agreement, the UNDP and Sakhalin Energy will cooperate in the following areas:

Improving the efficiency of the Korsakov Partnership Council on Sustainable Development by utilising innovative models and instruments, used in Russia and around the world for integrated development of the regions, in the Korsakov District of Sakhalin Oblast.

As part of this activity it is planned to develop criteria, indices of efficiency and mechanisms for systematic monitoring of the results of the Korsakov Partnership Council; to asses the efficiency of this Programme on the basis of the above-mentioned criteria and indices; to hold a training event for stakeholders; to draft a development plan for one priority area of the integrated Programme of the Korsakov Partnership Council.

Draft a programme for improving the efficiency of the Sustainable Development Chair at the Sakhalin State University. The process of drafting the programme will require an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of the Chair, a review of the results achieved; selection of the best model for future activity of the Chair; definition of one or more priority areas for the Chair.

Expert review of Sakhalin Indigenous Minorities Development Plan and assistance in promoting of this Plan in government institutions, business and expert communities and the media.

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