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03.06.2010. UNDP and the Institute for Urban Economics has conducted Forum Homelessness and social inclusion.

A group of prominent Russian and international experts presented the study Homelessness: is there the way out? and the latest issue of Development & Transition bulletin issued by UNDP and London School of Economics. These two researches indicate problems and prospects of social inclusion of vulnerable groups in Russia, and across the Europe and Central Asia region. The studies conducted by IUE and UNDP underscore that the homeless and other vulnerable groups risk are among those most affected by the transition period unless governments devise new policies to tackle their problems. According to UNDP Senior Economist Ben Slay, both studies deal with the extremely important issues of society development and lives of those who due to various reasons were expelled from normal social and economic life. Presenting Development & Transition bulletin Andrey Ivanov, UNDP Regional Human Development Adviser, specifically stressed important interaction between concepts of social inclusion and human development. Leading Expert of Social Policy Sector of IUE Elena Kovalenko presented the study Homelessness: is there the way out?, which summarized all available information about homeless in Russia.

Both studies gave rise to a lively discussion on observance of homeless human rights; low level of social security across the Europe and Central Asia region; the institutional, policy, social, and cultural barriers that push otherwise valued, productive individuals into social margins. The professor of MSU Economic Department, Tatiana Razumova, noted that all UNDP activities address overcoming social exclusion. A lot of projects were already implemented in Russia and had a positive effect. Speaking about Development & Transition bulletin, Tatiana Razumova stressed its importance for educational process.

Presentation by Ben Slay

Presentation by Andrey Ivanov

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