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05.02.2010. Project Board of the ODA Preparatory Assistance Project discussed interim results and plans for the future

Speech of Mr. Frode Mauring, UNDP Resident Representative in the Russian Federation, at the Project Board Meeting of the ODA Preparatory Project

Welcome to the UN House!

Dear representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Energy, Natural Resources and Environment, Rossotrudnishestvo, Rospotrebnadzor, Eurasian Development Bank and Vnesheconombank. Dear UNDP colleagues. Thank you all for your active participation in the preparatory project and your personal commitment to international development assistance.

Last year UNDP agreed on a preparatory assistance project to cooperate with the Russian Government in implementing the Concept of Participation of the Russian Federation in International Development Assistance. This project is likely to result in development and adoption by the Russian Government of:
 Mid-term cooperation programme with Rossotrudnichestvo;
 International Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Centre, and
 ODA programme on HIV/AIDS in the CIS countries.

The Project has been aimed at improvement of institutional capacity of emerging Russian international development agencies by making available international best practices, institutional and legal basis in aid administration through advice, staff training and exchanges.

Since the first meeting of the Project Board in April last year a lot has been done. Today we are planning to discuss the progress made, next steps to be taken to achieve these goals, find mutually acceptable approach to implementation of each of the new projects as well as identify new opportunities in the area of development assistance with the new emerging partners: Vnesheconombank and Eurasian Development Bank.

I will not go into details of the project implementation since in a few minutes our government partners will report on their achievements and lessons learnt. I will rather make a few remarks about the role of Russia as a donor and its on-going partnership with UN.

As you know, in past, Soviet Union was a large donor of technical assistance. Nowadays, Russia is growing its capacity to become a significant international development player. No doubt, only jointly can the international community address the ever-increasing challenges. Repeatedly Russias leadership has stated its commitments to a multilateral environment. Consequently Russia is mobilising to provide all kinds of expertise, funding and human recourses for this joint effort to address global challenges and threats. Combined efforts of the donor community, international organizations, NGOs and member countries in the field of ODA will facilitate the post-crisis economic recovery and long-term sustainable development.

In 2009, Russia further increased its ODA funding and thus moved towards a more effective participation in the new international ODA architecture. I believe that with the establishment of an intergovernmental mechanism to better coordinate Russias international development assistance, our Russian partners will enhance their activities in implementing the Concept of Russias Participation in International Development Assistance. The UN welcomes this effort.

Nevertheless, an initial brief assessment found a comparatively low institutional capacity of Russian agencies to develop and implement international development projects. Together with our Russian government counterparts and other partners in the civil society and business community, the UN and its agencies are fully equipped to work with the institutions of the Russian Federations to improve the international development capacity and to prepare Russian-funded development cooperation programmes in the CIS countries and globally.

Now I pass the floor to Mr. Sascha Graumann who will facilitate todays meeting.

Thank you for your attention!

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