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06.12.2009. Bruce Jenks, Head of UNDP Partnerships Bureau visits Russia to discusses cooperation in international development assistance

The Head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Partnerships Bureau, Assistant-Secretary Bruce Jenks, visited Moscow on 7-8 December to discuss the Russian Federation future participation in official development assistance programmes and to meet with UNDP partners..

Russia has always been and remains a reliable partner of the United Nations in different areas, and the fact that Russia declares its willingness to participate in Official Development Assistance (ODA) programmes as a donor country is a very important sign for the entire international community, Mr. Jenks said.

In addition to financial contributions, Russia has a large pool of experts in science and other fields that can aid global efforts to tackle climate change and combat poverty.

In the context of Russias re-emergence as a donor country, Mr. Jenks discussed new modalities of global partnership between the UNDP and the Russian Federation. One of them - currently under discussion with various ministries and interested parties - could include the establishment of the Global (International) Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Centre. The Centre would contribute to increased energy efficiency within the country, and generate ways to resolve climate change issues outside the country.

Global financial crises, such as the current crisis that affects the flow of financial assistance to the poorest countries, is another instance where Russia can envision contributing its expertise , said Mr. Jenks, adding that such assistance programmes are extremely important since they can serve as "lifelines" for population facing hunger and economic devastation.

The international solidarity in solving global problems is the key to success, and we are counting on Russias assistance in promoting this idea, Mr. Jenks said.

Interview of Mr Bruce Jenks to Voice of Russia Radio (mp3)

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