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First International Summit on Corporate Social Responsibility supported by UNDP Russia took place in Kiev

On the 27th of January, 2007 in Kiev took place the First International Summit 'Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy and Best Practices for Sustainable Development in Eurasia'. The Summit’s main objective was to create a permanent professional platform for leading European and Asian companies to exchange the latest experience gained in corporate social responsibility, to discuss the most pressing issues and trends in the development of CSR and to establish international CSR models and standards.

Top-managers, experts, government officials and scientists from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Norway, United Kingdom, and many other European and Asian countries participated in the summit.

Among other issues the participants of the seminar discussed the problems of corporate management as CSR backbone element, the development of systematic approach towards CRS best practices implementation, and the questions of the development of labor markets on territories, where the companies operate. The problems of Corporate Social Responsibility against the background of the ongoing economic crisis were also discussed in the course of the summit.

The participants of the summit have agreed that corporate social responsibility is an essential part of any business development strategy dictated by the necessities of the time.

Report on Social Investments in Russia - 2008

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