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UNDP and the Ministry for Economic Development launch a new project Solution Exchange Russia

In February 2009, UNDP and the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation launch a new online project Solution Exchange Russia to create a wide network of experts (Communities of Practice) who can share their knowledge and experience, learn and collaborate to provide solutions to problems and contribute towards Russias development objectives and the Millennium Development Goals.

The project is modeled on the UN Solution Exchange initiative for India, ,a service launched in 2005, using electronic mail and internet technologies to create a communication system between professionals from government institutions, NGOs, private sector and academia.

The first Community of Practice in Russia will be devoted to problem-solving in the sphere of energy and ecology, and will bring together professionals working to promote Russias sustainable development through responsible energy production and exploitation of energy resources, including utilization of innovative technologies.

The Community is initiated and sponsored by the Coalition of Ecological Organizations and OJSC RusHydro as part of their joint project White Book. Dams and Development, which aims to design strategies to attain sustainable development of hydropower in Russia and to find solutions to socio-economic problems linked to the management of dams.

On February 12th UNDP hosted a meeting in their new office in Moscow to present the project Solution Exchange Russia and establish a Steering Committee for the Energy and Ecology Community.

The meeting was attended by government officials, including officials of the Ministry of Economic Development, representatives of NGOs and private sector companies working in the energy and environment field, and experts from research and training institutes. The participants discussed key issues, questions and strategies for further electronic collaboration in the energy and ecology field.

The Solution Exchange portal for Russia will initially be located on the UNDP Russian website and will provide access to information, supporting material and news for each Community.

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