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Greater Tumen Initiative Tourism Council makes concrete steps to promote tourism in Northeast Asia

The 1st meeting of the Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) Tourism Council, prepared by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in collaboration with UNDP Tumen Secretariat, was successfully held in Seoul, Republic of Korea on June 12th 2008. This landmark meeting brought together representatives of government from ROK, China, Mongolia, and Russia to discuss strategies for promoting the tourism activities in Northeast Asia.

The main outcome of the first meeting of the GTI Tourism Council was the approval of the Charter of the GTI Tourism Council and its Action Plan for 2008-2009.

The Secretary-General of UNWTO, Mr. Franceso Frangialli provided an opening speech, in which he highlighted the importance of cooperation and partnership between the GTI member states in the tourism sector.

The opening statement was also made by Mr. Khalid Malik, UNDP Resident Representative & UN RC in China, UNDP PR for the Tumen Programme. After silence mourning the quake victims in China, he started his speech which indicated the great potential of North-East Asia for developing its tourism sector through cooperation.

The participants discussed during the meeting how to promote regional cooperation in the tourism sector which plays an important role in social-economic development of GTI countries.

The creation of the GTI Tourism Council was endorsed by the GTI member countries at the 9th meeting of the GTI Consultative Commission (November 2007, Vladivostok). The Tourism Council will serve as an advisory council to GTI member governments and the Consultative Commission regarding the tourism sector.

The main objective of the TC is to create an environment for tourism that facilitates increasing the number of cross-border visitors to the Greater Tumen Region. The tourism sector has tremendous potential to serve as an engine of growth and development for the Greater Tumen Region, and the inaugural meeting is an important event for achieving this goal.

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