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29.05.2015 Interim results of the Project "Building Energy Efficiency in the North West of Russia"

Interim results of the Project: establishment of a direct dialogue between financial institutions and corporations on implementation of co-investment mechanisms in demonstration projects on energy efficiency

The meeting on attracting extra-budgetary funds in demo components, implemented within the UNDP/GEF Project "Building Energy Efficiency in the North-West of Russia" was held at the UNDP Project Support Office in Moscow, on May 29. Among the projects that require participation of banks, financial institutions and private investors, there are proposals to improve energy efficiency of budgetary organizations and public utilities facilities, participation in energy-efficient capital repairs, as well as participation in the construction of pilot demonstration buildings with using energy efficient equipment. UNDP / GEF Project " Building Energy Efficiency in the North-West of Russia" provides comprehensive advice to regional Administrations and municipalities, heads of government organizations and HCS of the Pskov, Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions, in terms of development of investment projects, search and selection of objects, creating a full-featured system of urban energy management. It is planned to extend this experience on the territory of the North-Western Federal District and other federal districts of the Russian Federation, upon reaching positive results in attracting financial resources.

Project Manager, Vitaly Bekker spoke about expected Project results in 2015, on implementation of the prepared projects and attracting extra-budgetary resources:"Currently, banks are reluctant to finance projects in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency, do not understand the principles of operation of energy service contracts, and do not use the mechanisms of long-term financing of building capital repairs. Also financial institutions are not sufficiently informed about the existence and activities of the Project "Building Energy Efficiency in North-West of Russia". Therefore, some events under the Project, are planned to establish working contacts and cooperation with banking and financial organizations, including this seminar-workshop".

The meeting was attended by representatives of major Russian banks and financial organizations, representatives of the Pskov and Arkhangelsk regions, private investment and energy service companies. The event was chaired by Project National Director Kozhukhovsky I.S.:

"The main goal of the meeting is to establish an operating level of interaction of Project experts with representatives of banking and financial institutions, to present the main results and developments, to discuss specific mechanisms of attraction extrabudgetary funds in 2015, for implementation of specific investment projects in the field of building energy efficiency in the regions of the North-West, -noted in his opening speech, Igor Kozhukhovsky.

The representatives of the Sberbank of Russia,the Bank of Moscow,the MPS Bank, the Moscow industrial Bank, the International Finance Corporation made reports on specific experience of financing projects in the field of capital repair and energy efficient modernization of HCS facilities.

The meeting participants noted an interesting experience of the Bank of Moscow in financing of projects on capital repairs, use of energy service contracts. Some project financing schemes were reviewed and proposed to the audience. These schemes were developed and tested in the Bank with the participation of the regional operator for capital repair program, local contractors, and energy service companies. This whole experience can be applied in the implementation of similar projects in the Pskov and Arkhangelsk regions.

"Financing in the amount of 300 million rubles, is provided by the Bank of Moscow to implement a program for installation of climate control units in heating units of apartment buildings. The purpose of this program was the reduction of payments for heat energy, which is a problem for the majority of population of our country during the heating season", - said in his report, L. Alekseev, the representative of the Bank of Moscow.

The participants familiarized with experience of the EBRD on financing the modernization of residential buildings in Russia in accordance with European standards of energy efficiency (the project RuSEFF Warm Life"). The project is an interactive database of energy efficient equipment and materials, as well as suppliers to carry out repair or construction work, recommended by the RuSEFF experts. K. Klyushkin said in his report: "The database is designed for active use by representatives of the HOA, management company, individual proprietors and others. It has specially-developed efficiency calculator, which helps visualize the benefits of energy efficiency use ."

The Sberbank's representative provided the meeting with information on the practical implementation of concession contracts in the modernization of heat supply systems of municipal associations and the opportunities for its expansion to all regions of the North-West. Also he called on the regions administration, involved in the Project, offer investment projects of major Moscow banks with the support of the Project, more actively.

Levitanskaya E.U. from the International Finance Corporation, presented a deep analysis of the problems of capital repairs financing and energy-efficient modernization of apartment buildings, and showed potential sources and schemes for financing of capital repairs of apartment buildings.

Ekaterina noted the main factors of development of credit capital repairs of apartment buildings: "This is primarily a low general awareness of the population about the powers and rights of owners in the sphere of management of apartment buildings, as well as the lack of incentives from the state for the activity and obtaining credits". Measures to stimulate the supply of credits for capital repair , were proposed during the speech, including risks reduction of bank lending, providing to banks targeted long-term resources, through development institutions (VEB/MSP Banks), stimulation of transition of owners to the special accounts, the provision of co-financing on the loan (for example, energy efficiency or other priority activities during capital repair), encouraging of energy saving activities.

Following the meeting, the participants concluded that such meetings are important for the practical implementation of those activities, which are developed under the Project in the North-West regions in the field of energy efficiency of public sector, and energy-efficient modernization of HCS facilities.

Professional dialogue between the representatives of the banks and financial institutions for the dissemination of best practices of financing measures to increase energy efficiency in public sector and HCS sector, is very important.

All financing schemes for energy service works and energy efficient modernization of HCS facilities , should be directed to study and use to the Administrations of the Pskov, Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions.

The Project experts need to promote the establishment of direct contacts between the Administrations of these regions in the North-West of Russia with major banks, who expressed interest in reviewing projects on energy-efficient modernization of public sector and HCS buildings .

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