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18.03.2015. UNDP Project on Energy Efficient Building and Pskov Region Administration will be working together.

Representatives of the Project team discussed at the meeting with Administration of the Pskov region energy efficiency of the housing stock and budgetary institutions, as well as prospects for the creation and implementation of urban energy management systemPrint

March 12, the UNDP / GEF project "Energy Efficiency of Buildings in the North-West of Russia" received a letter from the Deputy Governor of the Pskov region A.V.Kuznetsov with the proposal of organizing a meeting in with the Project team on further cooperation.

The meeting was held on March 18 on the territory of the Administration of the Pskov region and was attended by the representatives from the Project team, Chairman of the State Committee on construction and HousingD. M. Bystrov,Chairman of the State tariffs and energy Committee of the Pskov regionE. V. Pilipenko, economist of planning and economic department of State Board of educationA.V. Kovtun, also in a format of the conference call by representatives of the nine largest municipalities of the Pskov region: Dno, Loknya, Nevel, Ostrov, Pechory, Porhov, Pitalovo, Pskov and Velikie Luki. The meeting was chaired bythe Deputy Governor of the Pskov region Alexander Kuznetsov.

Project Manager, Vitaly Bekkerdelivered a speech.Vitaly Lvovich spoke about staff changes and redirection of Projects main goals and objectives in terms of the changed conditions. He explained that in the near future the Project is ready to resume work on the implementation of the energy management system in the Pskov region, and representatives of the administrations of municipalities consult on an issue of the establishment of the system on this stage. This theme is relevant now, because the transparency of the process of production and consumption of energy resources at all levels will allow, in particular, to increase the investment attractiveness of such projects and to propel the relationship supplier-customer to the next level, and the Administration to detect problems in times.

Also Vitaly Lvovich spoke about Projects plans in April 2015 on grant-making for implementation of energy efficiency measures as in new residential construction, and in the overhaul of a residential or public building in the North-West of Russia. In this regard, the Project asks the Administration of the Pskov region to assist in the search for potential candidates for a grant. The funds allocated by the Project can be used for the purchase of energy efficient equipment, to finance the implementation of engineering solutions and modernization of existing engineering systems in order to improve their energy efficiency. If possible, activities offered by potential developers should be focused on the best practices in energy conservation and to be a kind of "know-how.

Administration of the Pskov region has expressed interest in further cooperation with the Project in the both directions- creating a system of urban energy management in the territory of one of the municipalities of the region, and in a search of a possible site for the implementation of the demo components for energy-efficient construction and overhaul.

Following the meeting, it was decided on the establishment of a plan of joint work between the Project and Administration in 2015.

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