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30.07.2014. Lake Baikal Box will start from international workshop

The workshop seminar Environmental education in lakes areas: practical experience and innovation technologies took place on Baikal shore 26 28 July to present the English version of Lake Baikal Box. The workshop was supported by United Nations Development Programme (Moscow), the project GEF/ UNDP/ UNOPS and Global Nature Fund (Radolfzel, Germany). 

The Baikal Information Centre Gran has been fulfilling ecological and educational projects for 15 years and invited all the concerned specialists to the seminar. The work started on 25th July in the Natural Museum where Gran together with the colleagues presented two projects: Journey to Baikal water world and Why is Baikal seal crying?. 

International guests were from Mongolia the teachers that took part in the seminar (Ulan-Bator, April 2014). They introduced first steps of Lake Baikal Box implementation and informed about growing interest of teachers and students to Khubsugul. Representatives of non-governmental organizations that also are members of the international net Living Lakes told about the lakes protection technologies in Germany (Bodensee) and China (Poyang). The scientist of the Republic of Korea gave the seminar participants a chance to get to know the system of environmental education, students books for different age groups, everybody noticed the government support of teachers in the process of ecological awareness upbringing. The seminar workshop participants showed their interest to presentations of The Black Sea Box given by guests from Sochi and Turkey. 

The authors and translators of Lake Baikal Box prepared master-classes together with teachers. Nobody was indifferent: everybody shaped, painted, brainstormed, argued and found agreement. Every participant had a chance to get acquainted with new technologies of environmental l education and development. 

The seminar organizers presented ecological traditions of Buryat and Russian peoples living on Baikal shores and involved the participants into creative activities. The teachers were showed how to respect water, land, wood and how children can be introduced to the ancestors traditions. 

Possibilities of supplementary education, cultural institutions and public organizations in environmental education of young citizens of the Baikal region were shown on examples of participants from Buryatia. A lot of opportunities and technologies of environmental education were presented by English teachers of linguistic gymnasiums and lyceums of the city of Ulan-Ude, public ecological organizations, the museum of Nature, ecological and biological center, the Ministry of natural resources of the Republic of Buryatia. 

During the seminar workshop organizers offered unusual excursion to the coast of the lake "On Mysterious Tracks of Baikal". During the whole time in a conference room there was a big "Box of ideas" in which new projects and ideas were saved. In the end the director of Baikal Information Center Gran, prof. Nina Dagbaeva summed up the results, made conclusions on the seminar and presented future prospects of English and Russian versions of the educational set. All participants highly appreciated opportunities of "Lake Baikal Box" in the system of environmental education, noticed creative spirit and showed readiness to work for the benefit of the lake territories and great Lake Baikal.

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