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20.05.2014. Information system for municipal HCS was introduced by UNDP/GEF Project in Pskov region.

Management solution on reduction of energy consumption in the system of municipal HCS faces with two objective factors: the first with a large amount of information and the second heterogeneity of information on the content and possibility of using. Both factors lead to the fact that managers have to make decisions under conditions of great uncertainty. This, in turn, increases the risks of taking ineffective or even wrong decisions. The solution of this problem - the introduction of information systems that automate the processing and analysis of large amounts of heterogeneous data. This system is being developed by LCC "Energy Center" (Ostrov, the Pskov region) within the frames of UNDP / GEF Project. The system database includes more than 400 buildings in Ostrov , such as apartment buildings, budgetary organizations and non-profit organizations, partly described network of transport and utilities. For each building filled 34 fields of information, including the year of construction, the consumption of energy resources, energy efficiency class, the geometric characteristics of structure, normative energy consumption etc. The developed system allows to create reports on the balance of production (supply) of energy resources and energy consumption in the context of the entire municipality, also included analytical subsystem assessing energy efficiency of buildings and structures. Common dispatch service (pictured)was created to analyze output data of the system that is currently running in test mode. The common dispatch service is an integral part of the Situation Centre for Energy Management (SCEM). SCEM is the basis of information model of system of municipal HCS.

The purpose of its creation - the automatic monitoring and analysis of volume and distribution modes and consumption of fuel energy resources of the municipality and the region as a whole.

SCEM allows to implement the requirements of the Federal Law 261-FZ "On energy saving and energy efficiency improvements and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation", to solve the problems of centralized collection of commercial and technological information from accounting objects, and has ample opportunities to grow functional and information capacity.

SCEM forms complete information about balance flows of energy resources and their consumption in real-time, operational metering and control of energy resources (heat, cold and hot water, electricity, gas) in residential buildings and dispatching data on their consumption. Information system involves a large number of users (employees of resource supply organizations, employees of the municipality), so was made a decision to create an educational class. The educational class will not only train the staff of organizations working with the information system, but will conduct training programs and presentations in the field of energy saving and improving energy efficiency. The above developments have positive impact on the current situation in the field of energy saving as in Ostrovsky municipality district and as the region as a whole. There is a need for replication of these developments on the territory of other municipalities.

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