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10.04.2014 Comprehensive approach to building energy efficiency is presented in the framework of the main building exhibition in the North-West of Russia InterStroyExpo

The exhibition InterStroyExpo brings together more than 15,000 people annually, providing an effective platform for the interaction of market participants. Long-term success defines the exhibition as the main area for cooperation between the authorities and the construction business.

By tradition, in the framework of exhibition, from 9th to 11th of April, the thematic business program was held. The programme also includes a section "Development of construction industry - the basis of the stabilization of the building complex in the regions of Russia ". Deputy Chief of Staff NOSTROY -Barinova L.S., Technical Director of NP SRO "Builders of St. Petersburg" Frolov S.T. and vice president of SPC "STROYTECH" Bolhovitin N.V. took their places on the podium.

In their speeches, the moderators of section emphasized the importance of reducing of energy consumption in the residential sector as one of the most energy intensive in the Russian economy, the need for highly qualified specialists in the field of energy-efficient construction, as well as the importance of rational approaches to the formation of the Technical regulation in this area.

Due to the urgency of the subject, within the frames of section were presented a comprehensive approach to energy efficiency in buildings as an example of the UNDP/GEF project "Building Energy efficiency in the Northwest of Russia", combining the work of all the above areas based on global best practices. In its report Project Implementation Coordinator, Markin G.V. explained the structure,the main goals and objectives of the Project, as well as the interim results for the implementation on pilot areas: the Pskov region(creation of Geographic Information System, which allows at the administrative level to monitor the current energy consumption, as well as identify areas of emergency), the Vologda region (creation of a regional guidance document on energy efficient buildings, as well as correction of construction and estimate documentation for the construction of new housing with the use of energy-saving measures, the development and testing of teaching materials for training in energy efficiency from medium to high schools) and the Arkhangelsk region (creation of a comprehensive energy management system of the city, a catalog of energy efficient solutions).

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