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17.03.2014. Ecological Council of Sakhalin Region supports UNDP/GEF project

The implementation of the UNDP / GEF / Ministry of natural resources and environment of Russia Project Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Russias energy sector policies and operations at the demonstration site of the Sakhalin area met support of Ecological Council meeting this Monday.

The objective of the project is to mainstream biodiversity conservation priorities into Russian energy sector development policies and into the operations of energy production sectors through pilot activities in 7 demonstration areas of the country.

The demonstration platform in the Sakhalin Region is the project "Sakhalin-2" implemented by "Sakhalin Energy" company.

The main emphasis is advanced solutions of biodiversity conservation testing in the field in the areas of industrial facilities.

The indicator species identified in Sakhalin are

gray whales;
Steller's sea eagles;
Sakhalin taimen.

Using Project resources it is planned in 2014 to develop and implement guidelines on assessment of impacts on the environment, the implementation of industrial environmental monitoring, monitoring of marine mammals in the Far Eastern seas, land reclamation, etc.

For the Sakhalin area it is planned to develop the Concept Plan for Regional Biodiversity and to prepare information and analytical book "Ecological Culture and Gas Companies: Sakhalin experience."

For the development of the Biodiversity Concept Plan Sakhalin Ministry of Forestry and Hunting was recommended to prepare proposals on populations of key species - the most considerable for biodiversity of the Sakhalin Region and to organize the monitoring of key species populations of the most vulnerable habitats, landscapes and mezoecosystems.

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