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10.12.2011.The work on creation of new steppe nature monuments starts in Kursk Region

Feather-grass steppe in the ravine Petrova Balka. Kursk province. Photo by A.V. PoluyanovTerritories that are perspective for creation of steppe protected areasin Kursk province were investigated by the researchers from the Kursk State University in summer 2011 in the frames of the UNDP/GEF Steppe Project. Total about 10 steppe ravines were observed in different parts of the province. Two of them were recognized as most promising.

1) Ravine Petrova Balka. There are well-preserved petrophyte steppe ecosystems here witha lot of rare and protected plant species. The whole area of planned naturemonument is about 50 ha.

2) Ravine Kreidyankaon the right banks of the Sudja river. Outside the pastured sites there areundisturbed petrophyte feather-grass steppes. Total area of planned steppe monument is about 5 ha (it excludes heavy pastured territories).This is the only well preserved feather-grasssitein Sudja district.

Feather-grass steppes in the ravine Kreidyanka. Kursk province. Photo by A.V. PoluyanovThe system of existent steppe protected areas is needed to be improved. The parts of the Central-Chernozemny reserve dont provide for conservation of all steppe biodiversity in Kursk province.

A.V. Poluyanov, N.V. Chertkov (Kursk State University, Kursk, Russia)

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