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09.12.2011. Census of saiga was conducted in Kalmykia

Saiga antelope. Photo by Maleev, V.G.Automobile census of saiga antelope was carried out in Kalmykia on 22-25 October 2011. As a result total number of animals in Kalmykia was estimated as 12870. It is 2-4 timesgreater than estimation made in 2010.

The interdepartmental commision was created in order to conduct the work. It was headed by the director of biosphere reserve Chernie Zemli V.S. Badmaev.Among the members of comission were officilas from the Research Institute of game-keeping and animal breeding, UNDP/GEF Steppe project, Ministry of nature and natural resourcesof Kalmykia Republic.

Census was conducted accordingly to methodical instructions on surface route countings of Saiga antelops developed by the Moscow department of the Research Institute of game-keeping and animal breeding and biosphere reserve Chernie Zemli.

After conducting censuses and making estimations the commission developed some recommendations and suggestions.Thus it recommended tocreate two regional wildlife refuges for strengthening saigas protection and to form interdepartmental anti-poaching group in the region.

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