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25.11.2011. Federal steppe wildlife refuge Dzerens valley was created in Russian Dauria

Dzerens. Photo by Vadim KiriliukState federal nature wildlife refuge Dzerens valley with square 213,838 thousands ha was created in Borzya and Zabaikalsky districts of Zabaikalsky kraiby the decree of Russian Federation on November 24, 2011.

Works on this steppe wildlife refuge began in 2008 after mass migration of Mongolian gazelles (dzerens)from Mongolia to Russia. About 2000 gazelles were left in Russian Dauria at that time.

Hard poaching had place as an answer to dzerens appearance in Russia.The poachingwas restrained by the Daursky reserve and inspectors of the Hunting Agency. The necessity of creation of wildlife to protect dzerens in Russia was evident.

Location of wildlife refuge Dzerens' valley in Zabaikalsky kraiThe initiative was supported by the Ministry of nature of Russia, WWF of Russia, UNDP/GEF Improving the Coverage and Management Efficiency of Protected Areas in the Steppe Biome of Russia.

Now the net of protected areas in Russian Dauria (with Daursky reserve) includes about 90% of Russian population of Mongolian gazelles. Also agreat part of steppe ecosystems became to be protected in the region for the first time.

New wildlife refuge will be under management of Daursky biosphere reserve and a part of Daurian international protected area (Russian-Mongolian-Chineese).

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