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16.11.2011. Census of Sociable lapwing was conducted at migratory sites on Manych valley

  .  ,  .  .  Sociable lapwing is a steppe sandpiper nested in short grass steppes and pastures. Since 2006 it is vulnerable species in theIUCN Red List. Sociable lapwing is very rare in Russia. But almost all global population of this species crosses steppes and semi-deserts of Kalmykia and Ciscaucasia on the way to winter sites to Western Asia and Eastern Africa.

Works on clarifying migratory sites of the Sociable lapwing in the Manychriver bassin were carried out in September-November 2011 in the frames of the UNDP/GEF Steppe project in Russia.

Three teams investigated Manych valley in Stavropol province, Daghestan, and Kalmykia. There were recorded 366 birds in Stavropol province, 20 in Daghestan, and 5 in Kalmykia. There were no ringed birds at all. This figures aremuch lower than in previous years (more than 1000 birds).     .  .  .  The reasons are unknown.This can say about decreasing the population or redistribution of birdsamong migratory routes. The key value of Stavropol part of Manych valley for Sociable lapwing was confirmed.

Sociable lapwings were recorded mostly with Northern lapwings and Black-wingedpratincols. Last species also nests in steppe zone. Accordingly esimations made last yearsits number was decreasing (now this tendency probably stopped). It is near threatened in the IUCN Red List and listed in Red Data Book of Russia as well as of Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Black-wingedpratincol wasnt target species but there were recorded not less 6000 birds during the works. So Manych valley is very imortant migration site for this species too.

 .  ,  .  .  L. Malovichko, V. Muzaev, G. Jamirzoev(Russian Bird Conservation Union)

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