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21.10.2011. The season of international expeditions of Daursky reserve is over

Six expeditions were carried out this summer field season in Dauria International Protected Area. This work was supported by the UNDP/GEF Steppe Project and WWF of Russia. Big attention was given to development of monitoring net in the frames of climate changes program.

Last planned expedition was conducted on 4–13 October 2011. There was observed the migration of Mongolian gazelles in North-Eastern Mongolia. This year was successful for these antelopes. There were about 80 lambs for 100 females. This number is higher than average annual and is higher than of last year. There were not many ill and week individuals.

The further migration course is depends on snowfalls and its plenty. But it’s already known where Mongolian gazelles can appear in Russian part of Daurian steppes.

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