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16.04.2010. Folklore Festival in the North Caucasus: friendship through cultural rapprochement

On 11-15 April 2010, UNDP, within the frame of the project Sustainable Integration and Recover in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania and in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of the republic, successfully conducted the first part of the Folklore Festival Art for Peace.

The Festival events were held in Ardonsky and Digorsky districts of the Republic, and the final concert in Vladikavkaz. Eleven local folk music groups and the Russian folk songs choir, Moskoviya, diploma holder of international festivals from Sergiev Posad, Moscow oblast, participated in the Folklore Festival.

In addition to concerts, an exhibition of folk handicrafts of North Ossetia and Moscow oblast took place during the Festival.

The Festival guests were accommodated in the families of members of the local Cossack choir Berzayushka in Ardonsky district, which plan to participate in the Republican programme of Agro Tourism development.

Trips to memorial sites in North Ossetia-Alania and master classes in pottery and weaving, baking of Ossetian pies and production of Ossetian cheese were organized for members of Moskoviya choir.

The success of the first part of the Folklore Festival showed the importance of such events in the rapprochement of peoples and the development of friendship, as well as for the improvement of the image of the republic and the North Caucasus as a whole.

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