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31.08.2009. Summer language camps for refugee people in North Ossetia

Years of social instability, migration and humanitarian aid in recent years following the collapse of the Soviet social welfare system, inhibited the growth of the communities ability in confidence building, including skills for development and community coexistence.

One of the tasks for the project Sustainable Integration and recovery in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania is support to integration of IDPs.

Using the experience of similar international integration projects, UNDP organized two shifts of language summer camp (15 children each) for children from families of integrating refugees from South Ossetia and Georgia proper.

Two shifts of the camp, organized on the basis of the health center "Ursdon-Fadau, used the communicative method of English teaching, with elements of linguistic social and cultural direction, to ensure maximum focus on communication, practice study of the language. These made it possible to create an English language environment where students interacted and participated in role-playing games, trained to properly express their thoughts.

In addition, the maximum attention was given to the childrens imaginative thinking: theatre projects, competitions, concerts and topic holidays helped to reveal the children's talents and creativity.

During the summer camp versions of the play by William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet and tale "Little Red Riding Hood " in modern adaptation were staged, where the main text - the role of the narrator - sounded entirely in English, other characters introduced into their texts mixture of three languages: English, Russian and Ossetian.

Besides, there were also organized such exciting sport events as "Merry starts", "The Games-2009, football, basketball and box competitions.

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