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23.12.2009. Establishment of meat cattle revolving funds in North Ossetia- Alania

Within UNDP project in North Ossetia – Alania two consumers’ cooperatives of meat cattle breeding were established in 2009: in Irafsky and in Pravoberezhny districts. These Cooperatives were created in order to become platform for promotion of best practices, innovative technologies of meat cattle breeding and build firm foundation for sustainability of the revolving funds. Synergies were built among these cooperatives for the cattle owners to be able to exchange experience and obtain success. The cooperatives purchased different meat cattle breeds. Hence Hereford cattle was purchased for Pravoberezhny revolving fund and Aberdeen-Angus for Irafsky one. The number of the meat cattle increased in both districts by the end of 2009. Besides, three new cooperatives of the Republic also purchased meat cattle breeds.

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