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10.12.2009. Inter Regional Youth Business Forum ProDvigai to a Million!

The purpose of the event was improvement of youth entrepreneurship development and creation of prerequisites for establishment of consolidated business society in the Republic of North Ossetia Alania and Kabardino-Balkaria. The event was unique due to the creation of a universal communication platform for interaction between two economically active regions, experience exchange and creation of a competitive business environment which will give a positive response among students. This project is based on the selection process for the identification of entrepreneurial activity and theoretical business skills, social advocacy for the mass popularization of entrepreneurship and solemn event - the Inter Regional Youth Business Forum.

The organizers had the following objectives:

1. Identification, analysis and evaluation of entrepreneurship potential in the regions of the South Federal Okrug.

2. Creation of a competitive business environment among students

3. Organization of activities, experience exchange seminars, establishment of partnership, attraction of investment resources, expansion of established businesses

4. Relevance increase and promotion of youth entrepreneurship

5. Building of a universal communication platform, consolidating the subjects of youth entrepreneurship in the regions of the South Federal Okrug

The event consisted of several stages:

First stage - September - October 2009 Business competition ProDvigai to a Million!

Within the competition the first selection round took place. 122 applications were collected among 6 Universities. 30 applications selected.

Second stage November 2009 Educational course "Week of the Entrepreneur". Within the education course master classes were organized.

Third stage 8-9 December 2009 Final. Business Forum. The Forum was attended by 25 participants from the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria: 15 students - future entrepreneurs, 10 people - future volunteers, organizers of the event for the development of entrepreneurial activity in the regions and 35 participants from North Ossetia-Alania: 20 persons future entrepreneurs (winners of youth business competition ProDvigai to a million!), 15 persons - future volunteers, organizers of the event for the development of entrepreneurial activity in the regions.

Within the Forum the following events took place:

- training on familiarity, teambuilding;

- master classes on entrepreneurship, including introduction into development of youth entrepreneurship in the regions;

- Business projects presentation;

- discussion

It was decided during the Forum that:

Established Internet site will be functionally extended: regular exchange of experience: master classes, trainings, seminars

Development of schedule for the events aimed at enterprenership development in the Republics of North Ossetia-Alania and Kabardino-Balkaria

Involvement of 12 teams, winners of the competition ProDvigai to a million!, into business in 2010

Submission of new business initiatives for consideration in 2010 to Business Center and Credit Cooperatives, supported by UNDP.

During the Forum several agreements on administrative and informational, advisory and logistical support to youth entrepreneurship, as well as co-financing to establish the prize fund for the winners were concluded. Some agreements with commercial enterprises were signed for provision of internships to the winners.

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