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30.01.2010. Master class for theatres in North Ossetia-Alania

Within the project Sustainable Integration and Recovery in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania the support to the local childrens theatres is enrolled. UNDP in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Humans Right Center Memorial organized master class for schoolchildren of Prigorodny district of North Ossetia-Alania, involved into school theatres, for students of Arts faculties of local universities and actors of the local theatres. The event took place at Childrens Art House, Oktyabskoye village, Prigorodny District on 28 -30 January 2010. The location was selected due to the fact that the major part of IDPs and Refugees from Ingushetia, Georgia, South Ossetia resides in the Prigorodny district. 40 schoolchildren of different nationalities from Prigorodny district, 5 students of the actor department of the Faculty of Arts of North Ossetian State University, 26 students from the College of Culture, 4 representatives of the local puppet theatre (2 actors, producer and art-director) participated in the master class.

Three master trainers from Moscow, invited to organize master class, brought one play Vaudeville in order to show the capacities of the chamber home theatre. The play is based on libretto of Victor Novatsky, the folklore specialist and theatre critic. More that 80 puppets, music of several classic compositions are used in the play as the drama ground. The same reason is given to the quick change of scenery. The stages of such theatres are installed at the same level with the spectators to facilitate the energetic exchange. The brought play is 15 years old and is successful within Russia and abroad. After the performance master classes for schoolchildren, where they were shown how to make puppets from the simple materials by their own hands at home or at school and for adults, were organized. Master classes had the form of dialogue between trainers and participants. Master-trainers showed different methods of puppet production, as well as the methods of dressing, managed by the master trainers. Participants of the master classes asked questions of their interests and received qualified answers.

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